Bacillus Cereus

Bacillus Cereus is commonly found in soil and foods, and causes food poisoning.  While some strains are harmful to humans and cause foodborne illness, other strains can be beneficial as probiotics. When Bacillus cereus is found in samples while undergoing testing, KML is able to sequence the DNA strand and identify the bacteria. Knowing a serious contamination before it spreads to a larger amount of product cans save a company thousands of dollars. Our trained professionals know what to look for in the detection of Bacillus cereus and have done so for many of our existing clients.





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Please use our sample submission form to send a sample of your product into our facility. It is important that the information listed on the submission form exactly matches the information listed on the sample's label. Inaccurate information could result in a sample being rejected upon arrival.

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We’ve worked closely with the FDA for years. Please allow us to better explain what tests and test methods may be required to be performed by the FDA. We are here to assist you in as many ways that we can. Our staff is friendly and always happy to help.

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