Total Aerobic Plate Count

Our Total Aerobic Plate Count Test, also known as “standard plate count”, “total viable plate count”, “aerobic colony count”, “Mesophilic count” is one of the single most common tests applied in microbiology. The purpose of the test is to indicate a quantitative analysis of the microbiological quality of food. Ultimately, we are looking for the levels of microorganisms found in a product. The FDA governs how many counts of a microorganism are acceptable in a sample, differing within product categories and commodities. We manufacture in-house validated media containing the appropriate nutrients that a microorganism requires to grow. This test is not intended to be a measure of the entire microbial bacteria population, but a generic test for organisms that grow aerobically while under incubated conditions. KML does possess the capabilities to identify pathogenic strains of bacteria and will keep clients informed if a sample is suspected to be pathogenic.



Compendium Methods

  • USP 2021
  • USP 2022
  • USP 61
  • USP 62


  • Minimum Sample Amount 50g
  • Water ml 100

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Please use our sample submission form to send a sample of your product into our facility. It is important that the information listed on the submission form exactly matches the information listed on the sample's label. Inaccurate information could result in a sample being rejected upon arrival.

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