Why Work With KML

For over a decade, KML Laboratories has been working on becoming one of the most competitive private 3rd party laboratories in the industry. We have primarily been able to do so by developing our testing services and methods to a high standard of testing and identifying the needs of our clients.

As a DEA licensed, FDA registered, and an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited facility, we go the extra step to ensure the integrity of our testing methods. Our CEO, Jeff Varelman, once represented the FDA as an FDA Compliance Officer, now he is an asset to the goals of the company with full understanding of what it takes to be in compliance with strict FDA regulations. KML is able to give free consultation to clients interested in working with us.   

At KML, we pride ourselves on our high standards for testing quality as well as our fast turnaround times. We've developed a standard five day turnaround time on our basic panel testing to better accommodate the needs of our clients. We process every sample received on the same day that it comes through our door. We are often able to cost out our competition with our competitive pricing. We offer bulk discounting on frequent testing. Our complementary consultation assists our clients to conduct the most relevant tests for their products. Contact us, to see what KML Laboratories can do for you.



We can credit the integrity of our company from the testing methods we implement when analyzing samples. We start by exclusively using traditional selective agars when plating out samples in Petri dishes. We believe that the benefits and accuracy of using selective agars far outweigh the convenience of using Petri film techniques. In addition, we use specific selective agars that are selective for the specific contaminants we are looking for. With the use of these specific agars, we are more likely to discover a contaminant than a laboratory that may only use a universal agar. Our selective agars are produced by our laboratory team in house, ensuring that the agars used in testing are produced to a high standard. Following production, our agars are subject to QC checks per batch. Qualifying Material tests are then performed to prove that our media is capable of detecting a contaminant, disproving a false positive will result during an analysis. In the laboratory, every test is performed in parallel with a negative control and tested in duplicate, in order to protect against a positive result where a contaminant, during testing is to blame. At KML, we take laboratory testing seriously. We want to be a testing partner to our client every step of the way. We encourage companies to give us a call or send us an email to learn more about our testing methods. 



It’s our priority to send out results to our clients within five days of our laboratory receiving a sample. When samples arrive at our facility, they are guaranteed to be processed and put into incubation on the same day of receipt. Our degreed microbiologists are there every step of the way to better ensure the throughput within our laboratory is consistent and dependable. Our facility is open 7days a week, including all holidays.

Open 7 days a week, even on holidays.



Delivering results that you can depend on is our primary reason for existence. We go the extra mile and take the extra step to ensure that the tests we perform are valid, correct, and the most appropriate for your samples. For over a decade, we have tested our own methods time and time again, analyzing better ways that back the results we produce. Our facility is state of the art, with the most up to date equipment, sanitization routines, and filtration systems, ensuring the integrity of the testing that takes place. We produce the selective agars we use in testing in-house, to ensure sterility. These selective media agars are specifically designed to look for the exact bacteria or fungi that could lie within a sample. All personnel who work with inbound samples are degreed microbiologists who undergo our laboratory training that ensures the understanding of aseptic technique and additional FDA standards. KML will always stand behind our certificate of analysis and provide detailed records in the event that a tested product is challenged.



At KML, we do our best to bring overall value to our clients. We’re still a small business, and we try to keep a small overhead to maintain our efficiency as a company. Planning ahead is what we’ve found to work the best to seek savings in testing. Our existing clients work with us to plan sample loads to better predict testing materials used. This allows us to pass savings into our pricing models. In an effort to move savings onto our clients, we offer bulk discounts to clients who have us test in large quantities. We know that all of our clients are different, and offer products that differ even further. We like to learn about our clients products individually and are happy to give custom quotes to match the needs of these products.


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